Shopify Apps

Thimatic is expert in shopify app development and make shopify apps to improve online representative engage their clients and increase Conversion & sales.

Product Review

Product Review

  • The perfect product review app to display product reviews along with customer image and multiple review Images.
  • App is also allowing a customer to ask any pre-sale questions about any products.
  • Completely customizable design looks amazing and goes with any theme.
Bundle Products

Bundle Products

  • Welcome customers by Selling multiple products in one combo.
  • Grow sales effortlessly by creating a limitless product bundle.
  • Sell Multiple products with just one order.
  • Promote non-selling products of your store with product bundling.
Discount Box

Discount Box

  • Sell Popular and Less Popular Products Together.
  • Make profit from old products & Get rid of old inventory.
  • Advertise flat products with Up-sell & Cross-sell feature.
  • Set volume discounts across collections and products.
Native Subscriptions

Native Subscriptions

  • With the Native Subscriptions, you can set up discounts for initial subscription orders.
  • Manage email notifications.
  • Customer can Skip, pause or cancel subscription from their own customer portal at any time without any complications.
  • Customers can manage and change addresses anytime.
  • Create subscription models that suit your store strategy.
InstaPlus - Instagram Feed

InstaPlus - Instagram Feed

  • Generate Shoppable Insta: Reach directly to your audience with their favorite app & find out what they like and let them buy what they look for every day.
  • Fetch images from your feed: Showcase your Instagram feeds on your stores by filtering hashtags you want.
  • Powerful Social Proof: By connecting your store with Instagram, it will make the audience ultra-easy to trust your brand.
  • Extra Revenue: Polish your everyday revenue by establishing a strong relationship between your business & customers.
  • Customize for your own business: Instaplus is already easy to connect with your store, but also you can make your store more personal without messing a single line of code.
Hype Post Purchase Upsell

Hype Post Purchase Upsell

  • With the Hype, you can set up a post-purchase sell offer after the checkout page.
  • Easily customize your offer page to match your theme layout.
  • Allows your multi-variant products.
  • keep a live update of your post-purchase selling products with analytics.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Quick Increase order revenue by showing the related product to particular customers.