Instagram Accsess Token

Get Your Instagram Access Token

Instagram requires an access token to show the photos from your Instagram account on your website. This helps Instagram keep their platform secure and prevent unauthorized use. You’ll be taken to the Instagram site and you’ll be asked to grant access to your photos. You may be asked to log in. After you grant acces you’ll be taken back here, and you’ll be able to copy your token into your theme settings.

Generate Access Token

How do I get one?

By clicking the button on above button, you'll be prompted to log in to your Instagram account and authorize Thimatic to access your Instagram photos. Then you should be given a code that looks like a very long string of numbers and letters.

What is this token for?

This token allows the theme to securely access your Instagram profile, for the sole purpose of displaying your Instagram photo feed in your shop.

What will I do with it?

Once you have the token code, you'll just need to copy and paste it into your Theme Settings in the Home Page > Social Feeds section along with your Instagram username and you'll be all set!