Introducing Discount Box Shopify app.

Introducing Discount Box Shopify app.

The discount strategy just got easier with our all in one- Discount Box Shopify app

Here we have the perfect all in one app to provide various types of discount just because We cannot afford to lose a single customer because of the product price. You can create multiple rules on multiple products, on various collections, on the cart page, on bulk buying else on a single product. Also, let customers gain free gift. Without any doubts, the app has an explanatory Dashboard to have a quick analysis of entire store sales through offers.

Let's go through all offer type.

1. Volume Discount for those who buy products in bulk.
* Get $10 Off on each item if Qty is more than 12.
* Buy 2 - get 10% Off, Buy 6 - get 10% Off, Buy 8 - get 10% Off

2. Spend Amount - Get Discount to give a discount for those customers who spent a huge amount on your store.
* Purchase over 500 USD get 20% off of on each item.
* Spend over $180 on the boots and get 12% off on each.

3. Buy X for $ to give a discount as a fixed price/percentage when customers buy many products together.
* $10 less on 3 Nike Flats.
* 40% off on any item of the men's collection.

4. BOGO - the most attractive offer because customers love to pay for one and get two products.
* Buy Blue cap & get socks FREE.
* Buy 1 and get another 1 absolutely free.

5. Up-sell/Cross-sell to draw customer attention to other products of your store.

6. General Discount to highlight any product in the store.
* Save up to $30 on Red skirt.
* 12% off on electronic products.

7. Cart Discount to surprise your customers at the billing stage.
* $10.00 minus If the number of the same items in the cart is = 4
* $100.00 minus If cart total weight (kg) is = 17
* 12% off If the number of the same items in the cart is = 3

8. Gift - let's surprise your loved one with a completely free offer.
* On the purchase of $300, get customized mug completely FREE.
* Spend $300 and get Hosiery absolutely free.

Exceptional benefits of Discount Box app.

* Extend the market for niche products.
* Boost brand awareness with best offers.
* Sell products across the world with your unique offer.
* Quickly attract new customers.
* Unlimited discount levels.
* Set volume discounts across collections and products.
* Inbuilt Language Support facility.

Want to try this app in your store?

Do not worry, we are providing a 14-day free trial period.
Take a trial → pay for the app → start boosting sales.

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  • oaygqezuxf
    Nov 10, 2020

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Agnes
    Feb 06, 2020

    Regarding to the invoice, may it be possible to have the exact amount of the discounts item by item? (Not just summarized at the end of the order.)

  • Myrna Hackney
    May 13, 2019

    Great app, started using Discount Box a week ago & getting great response from loyal customer.
    Have seen great engagement from customer 👍