Integration with EasyTabs

Integration with EasyTabs

Combining the powerful features of Rivyo app and EasyTabs to easily display all reviews in product description Tab. Now, merchants can effortlessly organize product description & display reviews in an individual tab.

What will be the integration benefits?

✔ Simplify product description with EasyTabs tabbing features and many options of tabs like standard tab and static tab.
✔ Highlight Heading in your Product description text as tabs header.
✔ Make your store more powerful, customer-centric, loyal & trustworthy by showing real reviews. Q-A feature will surely make your store more communicative with your buyers and will clear their all doubts.
✔ With this integration, you can effortlessly showcase your product reviews in product description Tab through EasyTabs Tab feature. This feature will help customers to directly get the information they want. Now, Buyers can easily check product reviews with just one-click on the Review Tab.

About EasyTabs

Easily add tabs to product pages just in a few clicks. With EasyTabs app, Split your long-drawn product description onto the tabs. EasyTabs recognizes any specific Heading in your Product description text as tabs header. This app also allows adding new tabs to all the product. Manage tabs for each product individually, assign tabs to all the products at once or certain collections.

About Rivyo

A FREE Shopify product reviews app to grab clients with real & live reviews. Display product reviews along with customer image and multiple review Images. Let your customer ask pre-sale questions. Customers can vote worthy Question - Answers and can also see the average Rating of individual products. Admin will get a notification through the mail multiple email address whenever a customer adds a review. Admin can Import reviews from AliExpress, Show review as Testimonial, Edit client Review, Ask Questions Back-End, Auto release high-grade Reviews and many more facilities.

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